Sunday, April 07, 2013

A Post For Grandparents or In Other Words, Edie Overload

This post is mostly for Grandparents or family or anyone that can look at a disgusting amount of pictures and video of Edie just being a baby and doing baby stuff.

This is something I definitely could not stomach before I had a baby.  And suddenly there's a weird floodgate opened inside me that makes me comment on other people's kids and generally feel empathy where I felt none before.  So leave now before it gets all mushy-oh-i'm-such-a-dad-i-taught-my-kid-to-say-"Wee-ooo-wee-ooo"-when-i-ask-her-what-an-ambulance-does.

Here's a few things you may not know about our home.

1.  Edie, for some reason, is scared we'll take everything good away from her.  So if she gets a snack she really likes she may beeline for her room.  And hide there, eating it, until she's done with it.  Wrapped candies and the heels of bread are favorite room eats.

2.  Edie loves music and books more than anything else.  Which is good because I'm terrified to have a child who likes sports.  And even worse won't let me read while I'm at their soccer game.  Edie loves instruments and if there's a bunch of toys in a room she gravitates towards the noise making ones.  She just realized that there are adult versions of the baby pianos she's played at other kids' houses.  Here she is writing a concerto.

3. Edie takes several trips a week to the library.  At least once or twice with Val during the day and once or twice a week with me after work.  There's probably five to ten library books in her room at all times.  Many times after we read a book to her, we'll find her reading the book back to herself, imitating the way we read it to her.  Valerie reads Where the Wild Things Are to Edie in an amazing and dramatic way.  Edie is awestruck by it.  Immediately following her reading of it, Edie puts her hand out for the book and wants to read it to herself just like Valerie read it.  With all the loud voices and roars and hand motions.

4.  If you weren't aware, we're pretty crazy about about each other and now we're pretty crazy about her.  We spent seven years figuring out how to be good to each other.  We're not perfect at it but it's freed us up a little to spend our attention on this baby.  Val and I are a team and Edie got drafted.  Val and I take care of each other first. Rookies don't get to just come in and take over.  But she's a pretty fun addition.  She laughs a lot and dances a lot and loves the things we love (books, indie music, the Community theme song) and hates the things we hate (falling down, CBS comedies, suffering in Africa).  So far the only thing Edie wants badly is a sibling.  Not a younger one, babies and dolls bore her.  She wants an older brother who acts real crazy for her.  She laughs hardest at shenanigans.

I promised videos.  My next post will be all videos.