Saturday, March 02, 2013

Why We Work: From Eight to Midnight

Valerie and I work well together for a few reasons.

1 - We both hate romance.  We think it's gross.  We keep things real laidback around here.  Accidental romance is quickly squashed.  That's not to say we don't do lots of crap for each other.  It's just never hints of romantique.

2 - We met through mutual friends and we continue to keep mutual friends.  Friends are a big part of our life.  Neither of us live close to family so our best friends are family to us.

3 - We both have talents that are a large part of us and more importantly, we work at them.  And from the time Edie goes to sleep until we get tired, both of us are focused and engaged in them.

We don't have cable or even basic.  Not because we're snooty jerks who think we're better than tv. Just the opposite.  We both adore tv and would watch it non-stop.  Though we always get it for the Olympics.  Because we're freaking part of the human race, aren't we?  Of course we are.

So after Edie goes to sleep, Valerie and I sit down at our computers and work.  I'll be working on some script and Valerie, currently, is working on her thesis and personal essays.  This is us most every night. Even weekends.

We actually are so committed to finishing all the projects we have up in the air,  (Short film we shot two years ago and haven't finished? What?) that we have christened this year: THE YEAR OF BEING LAME.

Translation:  To be lame is to turn down almost all but the most fun stuff.  We don't take on more projects.  We don't go out and do stuff with people.  We aren't traveling much.  We deny ourselves stuff regularly and remind each other to do so.

It's hard to explain to people.  Especially since we just moved and we should be working on making new friends and all that.  Instead, we just go home and get to work.  It's great.  We're producing a lot of stuff.  Our projects are getting finished.

So if you find us sort of skirting committing to something this year, it's because we know we shouldn't. It's not you, it's us.  We're lame.